Model Rules 2.0 launch and new waste and recycling contract for members - December 4, 2013

Members tackle future at packed AGM

CHF BC members gathered on Saturday, November 30 in Burnaby for the Federation’s 31st annual general meeting. Here are some of the meeting highlights:

A new board: Delegates acclaimed five directors to the Federation board: Manon Bertrand (The Brambles), Fred Silvergieter (Fraserview), Amanda Skillin (Delta Green), Linda Woyce (Domego) and Eddie Sabile (Killarney Gardens).  Deena Szostak (Kinross Creek) was acclaimed to serve on the finance committee.   

A new mission statement: Delegates passed a resolution to approve a new mission statement for the Federation: Our mission is to unite, represent and serve our members in a thriving co-operative housing movement. ​

Tackling change: Delegates approved a resolution to tackle the challenges of the future, including the launch of a national campaign to replace expiring co-op subsidies.  They also directed the board to engage housing co-ops and other federations, including CHF Canada, in a discussion about how to improve the scale of our operations to ensure a viable future.


What's Happening

At CHF BC's AGM last Saturday, delegates tackle questions of how co-ops and co-op federations can best face coming challenges.

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Model Rules 2.0 launched

At the AGM on November 30, CHF BC delegates saw the launch of Model Rules 2.0 a bold new standard in housing co-op governance. Members, staff, directors, co-op lawyers and managers have all played key roles in developing this new standard, and now we’re ready to share it with you.

Why new Model Rules?

CHF BC’s members have been using the original Model Rules and Occupancy Agreement for more than a decade.  Many members have told us that it’s the single most valuable resource the Federation has ever produced. But times change, and good governance practices should change too. Model Rules 2.0 is:

  • fully compliant with recent changes to the Co-operative Association Act
  • based on more than a decade of feedback from co-ops on what works in the original model and what doesn’t
  • built for today and for life after your CMHC operating agreement
  • written with the best co-op legal advice available today
  • simpler and easier to read and apply to the most common situations your co-op will face
  • full of fresh new ideas and approaches to good governance and principled leadership

What’s new?

In Model Rules 2.0 you’ll find:

  • clearer choices between co-op membership models and other options
  • a more up-to-date approach to issues like home businesses, member involvement, visitors, directors’ qualifications, elections, smoke-free housing, committees, and more
  • commentary to help you discuss the Rules and Occupancy Agreement with your members and make the best choices for your co-op

Follow the links to find out more and download Model Rules 2.0!


New BFI contract for mainland cuts prices, adds services

At the AGM on November 30, CHF BC announced the renewal of a three-year Waste and Recycling contract with BFI Canada - Progressive Waste Solutions.

Delegates at the meeting learned details of the contract tender and decision-making process. After reviewing four competitive proposals, CHF BC chose to renew its contract with BFI Canada because of BFI's competitive pricing and ability to meet all of CHF BC's requirements:

  • Price
  • Customer service
  • Recycling services
  • Education support
  • Sustainable practices
  • Other factors (ownership, worker relations, sponsorship commitment, administrative fees)

BFI Canada has replaced its old trucks with a new fleet of compressed-natural-gas trucks. The company will now provide an organics recycling program which includes kitchen food scraps, and it has partnered with Terra Cycle to provide recycling of traditionally non-recyclable materials. In addition, BFI is now able to offer newly reduced rates for CHF BC members with prices that are 30 percent lower than previous rates, and up to 40 percent lower than the competition.

A typical co-op will save close to $1000 per year; for larger co-ops the savings could be much higher. The new program kicks in January 1, 2014. 

"If you are an existing BFI customer, you will be getting a new contract in the mail from us in December," says Arnold Sang, CHF BC's Commercial Services Director. "If you're not in the program, contact the CHF BC Waste and Recycling Program to sign up." Members can reach Arnold at or 604-879-5111 ext. 138.

China Creek Housing Co-op member Mary Kelly is excited as her co-op is an existing client with BFI and already has a "tote" for organics in place. "We're ahead of the game!" she says. "I think it's a fantastic program and couldn't recommend it enough."

BFI Canada will also be sponsoring an additional scholarship for members in CHF BC's Scholarship Fund.