Model Rules 2.0 tools now online! - July 21, 2014

Model Rules 2.0 tools now online!

CHF BC is pleased to provide a complete set of tools, guides and videos to help co-ops adopt new rules using Model Rules 2.0.

All is now available for CHF BC members on our members-only web pages to guide you through the process from start to finish. Your co-op can follow the step-by-step guide with links to all the resources. There’s a discussion guide to help you choose the membership model that works best for your co-op. And once you’ve chosen a model, use the options guide to discuss options with your members and help you make the best choices for your co-op.
Model Rules 2.0 is a bold new standard in housing co-op governance. It is fully compliant with the Co-op Act and the changes that came into force in June 2013. And it has an up-to-date approach to many issues. Read all about the changes in What’s new in Model Rules 2.0.
So let’s get to work.  These are challenging times for housing co-ops, and Model Rules 2.0 is the governance resource you need to face the future with confidence. You can count on CHF BC to provide you with the help you need every step of the way.

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Ipsos Reid poll coming...

The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC is working with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and CHF Canada on a research study to better understand the investment needs of non-profit housing providers including housing co-ops. The information obtained with potentially provide housing co-ops with new ways to get help with their investments.

To get the most accurate snapshot of housing co-ops' requirements, we need your help. Ipsos Reid, a leading research company, is conducting a survey from July 21st onwards. If you are one of the co-op representatives they contact, we would very much appreciate your participation in a 10-minute telephone survey. Any information you share will be kept confidential, as only aggregate results will be reported.

If your co-op is one of those randomly selected to participate and you have additional questions, please contact Michael Rodgers, Co-op Viability Director at