More community meetings for co-op members - May 31, 2014

More co-op community meetings!

Memo to southeast Vancouver co-ops

- 360 households in your ‘hood need your help!


360. That’s the number of co-op households in southeast Vancouver facing a loss of rent subsidy by 2021. 360 is also the number of degrees in a complete circle -- so what do we do to turn this situation around? 


Take the first step by coming out to the You Hold the Key Campaign meeting for co-op members in southeast Vancouver Thursday, June 26, 2014 at Killarney Gardens Co-op. If you live in the area bounded by East 29th Avenue to the Fraser River and from Boundary Road to Fraser Street, come and learn more about our campaign and what members can do to support it.


By 2021, 15 of the 21 housing co-ops in the southeast Vancouver area will see their operating agreements end and another five will end by 2028. Close to 360 households will face a loss of subsidy by 2021, with that number rising to over 820 by 2028.

Our campaign asks the provincial government to step up with a rent supplement program to help keep low-income members in their homes. Join us for a discussion about the facts and what you can do. Help us come full-circle and fix the co-op housing crunch. All co-op members welcome!

Ridge-Meadows holds packed meeting for

You Hold the Key Campaign


More than 50 members filled the common room at Ford Road Housing Co-op in Pitt Meadows on May 26 for a community co-op meeting to learn more about the You Hold the Key Campaign. All six federally funded co-ops in Ridge-Meadows were represented. The Key Campaign team briefed them on what's at stake for co-ops across BC - and across Canada - and most specifically, their low-income members, who will lose subsidy with the end of federal operating agreements. Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows has six federally-funded housing co-ops, comprising 476 households. Of those, an estimated 152 are on subsidy.

In a question-and-answer session, members brainstormed ways for them to get involved and spread the message to elected officials to ensure the province steps up with a rent supplement solution for their most vulnerable co-op members. 


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Do the write thing: Tweet, text, talk, tell!

Want to send Housing Minister Rich Coleman a message? Grab the ear of your MLA or MP? The You Hold the Key campaign can help. Check out the “What You Can Do” section of our website to find out how you can spread the word on Facebook, talk to, text, tweet and write your elected officials and your friends on social media. Let them know what’s at stake. And don't forget to make sure your co-op knows it can show some resolve!

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