Richmond co-ops meeting on April 28 - April 18, 2014

E-news bulletin April 17, 2014

Co-op Cookie Monster/Meister wanted for Richmond meeting

Richmond co-op members, the You Hold The Key Campaign team needs your help to keep a tasty tradition alive. We tried to draft CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong as our chief baker to produce the key and puzzle-shaped cookies for the Richmond Co-ops meeting, but he says he’s too busy holding the government’s feet to the fire trying to get a rent supplement program for low-income co-op members.

So we propose a cookie-cutter solution: we need a Richmond co-op to step up to the plate and volunteer to make the campaign cookies for our April 28 meeting at Granville Gardens. The first co-op to put up its hand will receive a customized apron (and our eternal thanks). We’ll supply the cookie cutters.

Whaddaya say, Richmond? We know we can count on you when the chips are down. To be the official cookie monster/meister for the meeting, please contact Don Hauka or Fiona Jackson

End of Agreement Video contest could begin your video career

How cool is the first prize for the “It’s the end (of agreement) as we know it!” video contest? Picture this: you could make your next video with it. Even better, you could watch all the winning videos in hi-def on the Nexus tablet’s highly-pixelated screen. Besides -- you gotta love a tablet that runs entirely on Jelly Beans. So kick-start your career and enter today. While you’re at it, watch our sample video. Can you do better than this (we sure hope so...). Contest closes April 30, so hurry! You could be the next Spike Jonze.

Co-op Champions in league of their own


Our team of Co-op Champions proved they are in a league of their own this week when a half-dozen dedicated individuals came out to a campaign tactics and media training session at the CHF BC offices Monday evening. They got a briefing on strategy and practiced being interviewed on camera. And they were great! They were especially effective when speaking from the heart. Are you passionate about co-ops? Think you have what it takes? Then maybe you want to join the team.



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Don’t forget – text, tweet, talk, write!

Want to send Housing Minister Rich Coleman a message? Grab the ear of your MLA or MP? The You Hold the Key campaign can help. Check out the “What You Can Do” section of our website to find out how you can talk to, text, tweet and write your elected officials, media outlets and your friends on social media. Let them know what’s at stake.

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