Short version of changes to co-op Rules - July 26, 2013

Short version of changes to co-op rules now available online

During our consultation on Model Rules 2.0, some co-ops told us that they would prefer to tackle the job of updating their Rules and Occupancy Agreement in two stages:

  1. The minimum changes required by recent amendments to the Co-op Act, followed by
  2. A more complete revision based on the new Model Rules 2.0.
CHF BC has produced a template for co-ops wanting to make the minimum changes described above. You can find it here on the members-only section of our website.

The package includes an explanation of the required changes, the text of the special resolution your co-op will need to adopt, and a sample notice of meeting to get you started. The Act requires co-ops to make these changes at their next members meeting, so don't delay!

For more information, contact education director Sue Moorhead at



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Group Buying flooring partners make donation to CHF BC Scholarship Fund

CHF BC's Group Buying flooring partners, CD Contract and K&A Flooring, along with flooring manufacturers Armstrong, Beaulieu Canada and Shaw Floors, have made a combined donation of $2000 to CHF BC's Scholarship Fund. Since 2012, CHF BC has awarded two scholarships to students from member co-ops.

"With this additional contribution from our flooring partners, we hope to be able to give out a third scholarship in 2014," says CHF BC executive director, Thom Armstrong.

CD Contract and K&A Flooring provide flooring services to CHF BC members at reduced rates and use a selection of products from flooring manufacturers Armstrong, Beaulieu Canada and Shaw Floors.