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16 October 2012
CHF BC and CHF Canada members came together at the October Member Forum on Wednesday, October 10 to look at how co-ops are planning for the end of co-op operating agreements. They broke into groups... Read more
1 October 2012
The potential for co-operative enterprise to provide a powerful boost to Vancouver's vision of becoming the "greenest city" by 2020 is the subject of the Co-operative City Conference on... Read more
11 September 2012
CHF BC and CHF Canada members came together at the Member Forum on September 10 to hear about one of the newest co-ops in the province, the Vancouver Tool Library. Chris Diplock, president of... Read more
7 September 2012
A group of graduate students, researchers, professors and writers from the Social Enterprise Research Institute at SungkongHoe University in South Korea visited CHF BC’s offices this August.... Read more
28 August 2012
In celebration of 2012, the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC), housing co-ops clustered in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver began meeting early this year to... Read more
26 July 2012
Beginning August 1, CHF BC members in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley can now choose from two flooring suppliers. Our members buy more than $1 million a year in flooring product in our group... Read more
26 July 2012
On July 26, CHF BC’s Darren Kitchen, Government Relations Director spoke to a parliamentary Special Committee on Co-operatives (COOP) on the importance of co-ops to our economy. ... Read more
24 July 2012
On Saturday, July 21, Quebec Manor Housing Co-op members gathered to celebrate the centenary of their building on East 7th Avenue and Quebec Street in Vancouver. Members from other housing co-... Read more
3 July 2012
CHF BC is pleased to introduce Michael Rodgers, CHF BC’s Co-op Viability Advisor.Michael will provide support to help CHF BC’s member housing co-ops prepare for life after government... Read more
27 June 2012
On Saturday, June 23 CHF BC and CHF Canada members from across the Lower Mainland came together for an afternoon of barbecue and carnival games, facepainting and races at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver... Read more