Plenary results - Fall 2016

At our Fall Education Conference on October 22, 2016, we held our first-ever plenary session. 

The plenary took the form of a member-to-member discussion at mixed tables. After some reflection on why strong governance is more important than ever to the success of housing co-ops in the future, the table discussions began.

The results of the table discussions on: “What decisions and actions have contributed to strong governance in your housing co-ops” were recorded on coloured index cards, and can be found below.

The list is an impressive one. Many tables shared similar experiences of the types of decisions and actions that have had the biggest impacts on strong governance in their housing co-ops.

Take a look, can you find any ideas for your housing co-op?

Community and communications 











Education and mentoring












Engagement and outreach



































Professional services














Rules, policies and committees













Smaller boards and term limits














Transparency, accountability and consistency















Vision, goals and planning