Jarrett Hagglund

Jarrett has been fortunate to have lived in and been an active member of Emma G. Housing Co-op for the past 11 years.

He currently lives with his husband Zach and an amazing community of neighbours they wouldn’t want to be without. Since joining the co-op Jarrett has held the positions of; Secretary, Treasurer and President.

Professionally Jarrett has spent the last 10 years working in progressive politics, and most recently served as special assistant to Premier John Horgan

The last 4 years on the CHF BC board have given Jarrett deeper understanding of the Community Land Trust, COHO management, as well as the needs and concerns of our members.

Highlights of Jarrett’s recent board term were working on the governance committee and the board executive.  Helping to draft and pass an emergency resolution to support the call to declare that we are in a climate emergency at the CHF Canada AGM.  He was very proud to see our membership create a Climate Emergency Task Force that membership approved last CHF BC AGM.

Jarrett’s time on the board has strengthened his appreciation for the hard working staff at CHF BC as well as the members that make CHF BC such an amazing organization.