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Kingsley Strudwick

Kingsley Strudwick is a facilitator and speaker with over 15 years of experience, exploring topics such as gender diversity, intersectionality, bystander intervention, microaggressions, and systemic changes in workplace culture. In 2016, Kingsley founded Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting, company dedicated to improving experiences for transgender, non-binary, and other gender diverse individuals, families, and communities.

Kingsley has delivered over 350 professional development workshops to universities, colleges, government(municipal and provincial), schools (public and private), and the private sector. Through Ambit, Kingsley’s professional practice is dedicated to creating environments for self-reflection, building bridges across differences, and fostering relationships as the foundation for social change.

Kingsley is the facilitator for The Major Problem of Microaggressions at the 2024 Island Education Day.