A Century of Co-operation: Barbara’s co-op life has been good

  1 October 2020

Eighteen years ago when Barbara first moved into her co-op home in Common Ground Co-op in South Surrey-White Rock , she was looking to save money on her housing…but something more as well.

“I had been renting and rents kept going up and up and up and I didn’t just want cheaper rent; I was looking for a place with some sense of community and not just a little box with a balcony.”

Over the years, Barbara has served on the co-op’s social committee and now on the grounds committee. She recalls a time of a lot of change about twelve years ago when the co-op did a major renovation. “That was a biggie.”

She enjoys working in her garden, the co-op’s nice neighbourhood, and the sense of community.

“It’s nice to be able to greet people, to know the children and just the variety of people who live here.

I’m very happy that I did make this move. It has been very good for me and especially right now while I have lots of room around me even if I can’t have people in or go out much.”

During the pandemic, neighbours have offered to pick things up for her, “and that’s always very nice, but I usually walk and do it myself.”

Barbara shares words of wisdom on what it takes to live well in a co-op community: “You just have to be able to work with people and make allowances for other peoples’ differences and just take people as they are.”

Barbara Vance is a 2020 winner of our Century of Co-operation Awards that celebrates long-time co-op members whose age plus their years of living in a co-op community equals 100 years or more.

Photo:  Barbara (right) with her daughter at Crescent Beach, September 2020.