BC Temporary Rent Supplement Program Opens for Business

  10 April 2020

BC Housing is now accepting applications for the BC Temporary Rent Supplement Program (BC-TRS).  Some housing co-ops and their members are eligible to apply.  More information will be available from BC Housing soon.

The BC-TRS will cover partial rent or housing charge payments for eligible tenants or co-op members for three months (April, May and June).  It is available for households with qualifying incomes who have experienced a drop of at least 25% in monthly household employment income due to COVID-19.  You can find information on the program and a complete list of eligibility criteria HERE.

Members of housing co-ops can receive the benefit if they meet all eligibility criteria and are currently paying the co-op’s maximum housing charge. The co-op cannot be receiving any ongoing operating funding from any level of government.  For now, this means that members of Section 61 (1973-1978) co-ops, Section 95 (1979-1985) co-ops, any co-op with an expired CMHC operating agreement, and any co-op developed outside of government programs are eligible.  Members of co-ops funded provincially (e.g. Homes BC) are not eligible.  We are seeking confirmation of eligibility for members of ILM (1986-2002) co-ops.

The BC-TRS application process involves two steps.  A member begins the process by providing proof of address, monthly housing charge, income (and income loss) and contact information for the co-op (including the co-op’s email address).  BC Housing will review the application and send an email to the co-op asking for confirmation of the details in the member’s application.  The co-op will need to provide its contact and banking information to receive payment by direct deposit.  The payment is made directly to the co-op, not to the member.

Payments are not retroactive.  You must apply in April to receive payment for all three months.  Members applying in May will receive payments for two months.

CHF BC will be seeking additional clarification on eligibility criteria from BC Housing.  We strongly encourage members and co-ops who think they may be eligible for assistance based on the information provided so far to apply without delay using the BC Housing application form.

We welcome questions from members at members@chf.bc.ca.