City of Vancouver needs to hear from co-ops on the future of False Creek South

  22 February 2021

The City of Vancouver wants to know what Vancouver citizens think about the future of False Creek South. According to the City: “The purpose of this engagement is to explore the future of these lands, for the next 50 years and beyond, while striving to balance the interests of current neighbourhood residents with those of all Vancouver residents who own this land.”

There are seven housing co-ops with more than 600 co-op homes in False Creek South, and more than 120 additional co-op homes in the neighbourhood nearby. All but two co-ops are on land leased from the City of Vancouver. These co-ops have been providing safe, secure, affordable housing in diverse, mixed-income communities for 40 years. They are, in so many ways, the cornerstone of the larger False Creek South community.

This consultation is a perfect opportunity to say once again what we have known for decades, that the future of a thriving False Creek South must include housing co-ops. The best possible outcome of this process would be a renewed commitment from the City to preserve the co-op homes we have now and add many more.

The consultation process is open to all residents of Vancouver until February 28.

You can:

  1. Take the “Shape Your City Survey” at
  2. Attend the online Public information and Q&A session on Thursday, February 25 at 6:00 p.m.
  3. Email your feedback to: