Council meeting covers a lot of ground

  3 June 2010

Twenty-seven people (representing 14 Island co-ops) attended the most recent meeting of the Vancouver Island Council on September 14, 2002.
CHF BC Island directors Candice Bunting and Joe Johnson gave reports, highlighting among other things the upcoming Annual General Meeting and 20th anniversary party in Vancouver on November 30. One of the two Island seats on the CHF BC board is up for election at the AGM, so it’s important for Island members to send delegates.
Presentations to raise funds for the Leaky Co-op Defence Fund and the Disability Trust were well received by the delegates.
CHF BC services were profiled, including those of the Communications Department (SCOOP magazine and website). Micheal Dondera of CD Contract Division was in attendance to discuss the flooring program now available on Vancouver Island. Also, it was announced CHF BC’s waste disposal program with BFI Canada was now available to Island members. CHF BC welcomed Tyee as the newest Vancouver Island CHIP member.
The date of the next Council Meeting will be February 15, 2003 (location to be announced).