Does your co-op have a federal operating agreement?

  17 November 2018

Housing co-ops with federally-administered operating agreements will have received a survey from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

CMHC wants your co-op’s input on the program that will continue subsidies to low-income co-op households from 2020 to 2028. This program is called the Federal Community Housing Initiative, Phase 2 (FCHI-2).

Together with CHF Canada, CHF BC urges co-ops to reply to the survey because CMHC needs to hear the co-op point of view.

Last week, CHF Canada sent out this briefing note to every federally-administered co-op, where they laid out some issues that co-ops and local federations have raised.

Here are some of the key issues to consider while completing the survey:

  • We want the new program to subsidize low-income units without a burdensome regulatory and administrative system.
  • The government should, at a minimum, maintain the same level of support for the same number of households.
  • Co-ops whose operating agreements expired before April 2016 were not offered agreement extensions. CMHC should re-enroll these co-ops in FCHI-2 so more vulnerable Canadians can have a place to live.
  • Co-ops need government to play an ongoing role in providing support to low-income households. We do not want subsidies to be phased out after 2028.
  • FCHI-2 be delivered as a rent supplement. Rent supplements meet deep member need and are easier to administer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CHF Canada’s Program Manager, Policy and Government Relations, Douglas Wong, at