Cheryl Alsop

Cheryl worked as a Senior Maintenance Coordinator in the housing co-op sector for over ten years and during this time did everything from managing routine repairs to coordinating large retrofit projects and everything in between. Cheryl also trained and coached staff in maintenance coordination and brings dynamism and humour to her work.

Doreen Aquino

Doreen has been involved in the co-op housing sector since 1994 when she moved into Dundee Court Housing Co-op where she served on many co-op committees and on the board of directors. Doreen served on the CHF BC board and CHF Canada’s Federations Committee. Doreen also worked for a co-op management company for seven years as a coordinator and as a consultant. Doreen has expertise in a broad spectrum of workshop topics, as well as being a trained facilitator for the Co-op Compass initiative.

Larry Birckhead

Larry has a background in community mental health and behaviour change and has served on the board of directors, maintenance committee, and membership committee at his own co-op, Marine Court. Larry’s expertise is in organizational development and training and offers a range of innovative engaging workshops, as well as insightful board coaching and trouble-shooting. Larry is also a trained facilitator for the Co-op Compass initiative.

Erin Crisfield

Erin is a Lifelong Learning Consultant and Professional Sidekick specializing in member-based organizations. Erin draws on 25 years of experience and an M.A. in adult education to create custom learning opportunities, advise on education program design, and facilitate professional development for instructors. Erin’s area of expertise with CHF BC is in member engagement workshops such as ‘Outsider to Insider: Get new members off to a great start’ and ‘Create a new member orientation package’. Erin is also very active in her small but feisty housing co-op.

David Lach

David is a founding member of Quebec Manor Housing Co-operative, where he still lives. He has served as director, treasurer and president of the co-op. He served as president of CHF BC in its early days and in 2012 was again elected to the board. In addition to his involvement with housing co-ops, David serves or has served on other co-op boards, including Modo, Co-operators Group Limited and the BC Co-operative Association. David mostly offers chairing services and has particular expertise with Model Rules 2.0 and with the British Columbia Cooperative Association Act.

Terra Macdonald

Terra has more than 25 years of experience working in the cooperative sector. She has resided in two different housing co-ops starting in 1985. Terra worked with a housing co-op management company where her principal responsibilities included client and employee recruitment, maintaining client loyalty and the day-to-day supervision of close to 50 on-site and off-site property managers. Terra is known for her in-depth knowledge of the housing co-op sector and her area of expertise is in privacy legislation (PIPA).

Pat McClain

Pat has been a member of Paloma Housing Co-op since 1985 and was Program Manager, Member Relations for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada from 1995 to 2009. She currently chairs the CHF BC’s Aging in Place Committee. Pat’s area of expertise is community-building and governance workshops with a current interest in the topic of aging in co-op communities. Pat is also a trained Co-op Compass facilitator and has assisted many co-ops through that process.

Sue Moorhead

Sue has worked with housing co-ops and federations for over 30 years from 1997 to 2014 as CHF BC’s Education Program Director. An active member in her own housing co-op, she has served in various board and committee positions. Sue served on the board of Rooftops Canada, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and related organizations in Quebec. With a thorough knowledge of co-op governance and management, Sue can facilitate workshops on a variety of topics, facilitate the Co-op Compass process, chair co-op meetings, provide advice, and offer expertise on policy development, co-op rules and the Co-op Act. Sue also has five years of international experience, having worked as a technical advisor for Rooftops Canada in Africa.

Kerry Panter

Kerry’s work in the housing co-operative sector spans 25 years. Currently, Kerry works as Member Services Director for CHF BC in the Vancouver Island office. Kerry often assists with the development of CHF BC education program materials. Kerry has a broad range of expertise from governance workshops, chairing meetings as well as consultation services and conflict resolution for co-ops experiencing difficulties.

Andrew Sitko

Andrew has been an active member of three housing co-ops over a 15 year period, and has served on finance committees and as the treasurer of the board. He has worked for a housing co-op management company since 1995, holding positions as Office Coordinator, Accounting Coordinator, and Training Coordinator in addition to his current position as Senior Accounting Coordinator. Andrew’s expertise is in financial management and corporate management of housing co-ops.

Chris Whyte

Chris is a registered social worker with a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management and Analysis and lives in False Creek Housing Co-op. Chris’s area of expertise is in mediation and conflict resolution. He has assisted co-ops a number of challenges and has facilitated difficult conversations among members, boards and committees. Chris also has expertise in the topic of mental health in housing co-op communities.