Have you taken a workshop or attended one of our education events recently? You will find workshop materials and related resources available to download on this page. Note that pages are password protected and passwords expire after two months.

2018 Spring Education Conference | Core Portable Workshop Materials – 1 | Core Portable Workshop Materials – 2 | Scheduled Workshop Materials

Developing knowledge
and skills in governance,
in management
and community.


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2018 Spring Education Conference

  1. Chairing: The Gateway to Good Governance
  2. Educating Your Co-op
  3. Governance Tools
  4. Making Member Manuals Meaningful
  5. Turning Point
  6. Sublets, Roommates, Visitors, Over-housing and More!
  7. Cannabis in Co-ops
  8. Holding Friends Accountable
  9. Elect the Best Directors – Every Time!
  10. Organize It!
  11. Mental Health and your Co-op Community
  12. Filling the Gaps


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Core Portable Workshop Materials – 1

  1. Aging in our co-op communities
  2. Board of directors
  3. Co-op housing essentials
  4. Create a member orientation package
  5. Dealing with conflict in co-ops
  6. Educating your co-op
  7. Engaging co-op members
  8. Governance tools
  9. Interviewing and member selection
  10. Leadership renewal



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Core Portable Workshop Materials – 2

  1. Leadership that earns involvement
  2. Legal duties of directors
  3. Maintenance 101
  4. Meetings that earn involvement
  5. Organize it!
  6. PIPA: a privacy primer for co-ops
  7. Policies that work
  8. Ten things to look for in your co-op’s financial statements
  9. What makes a good board
  10. What makes a good director?