Addressing Overheating in Co-operative Housing

Amy Lubik, PhD & Jackie Kloosterboer      28 Jul 2022      Zoom      CHF BC event

Join us on Thursday, July 28th for this informative session on the risks of rising temperatures and what you can do to protect your home.

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. PDT | Zoom


After the summer of 2021 in which a record number of people in BC were affected due to the extreme heat, we recognize that many BC residents are not fully prepared to adapt to the increasing rising temperatures. Join us for this informative session on how you and your co-op can prepare your home to combat extreme heat.

What you will learn:

  • The impact of heat waves on people’s health, especially towards vulnerable populations
  • Tools co-op communities can implement to combat heat

Facilitator: Amy Lubik, PhD 

Amy Lubik is a Policy Analyst at Fraser Health Authority. She is passionate about improving the environmental and social determinants of health through research and democracy.. Her experience lies in community organizing with 5 years of community building, volunteer coordination, event planning, and social justice education.

Facilitator: Jackie Kloosterboer

Jackie Kloosterboer is a Disaster Preparedness Specialist who firmly believes that families prepared for disasters will better survive in the aftermath.

This year Jackie celebrates 25 years of helping families impacted by disaster. She has been on the front line of disasters and seen the devastation caused when families lose their homes and belongings to floods, forest fires, or house fires. Seeing the panic and fear on the faces of these families started Jackie on her journey of helping families achieve peace of mind when it comes to being ready for a disaster.

Jackie travels across Canada as an instructor with the Justice Institute of BC, teaching response teams how to respond to disasters to help those displaced. Throughout British Columbia, she has taken on leadership roles to assist evacuees during disasters.

Jackie is a recipient of the Queens Jubilee award for her dedication to helping people during times of disaster and received the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) Instructor Excellence Award. Various media outlets across Canada often interview her as she promotes the importance of emergency preparedness.

Jackie has taken this vital message one step further with her book My Earthquake Preparedness Guide – Simple Steps to get You, Your Family and Pets Prepared.

You can find a video recording of this event here.

Please check out CHF BC’s extreme weather checklist, and more general suggestions and resources on how housing co-ops can support members when it comes to heat events.