Best Practices in Co-op Governance

Thom Armstrong, CHF BC      22 Oct 2020      webinar      CHF BC event

CHF BC’s Model Rules 2.0 have been the gold standard in co-op governance since their introduction almost six years ago.  Co-ops rely on them to answer questions about membership models, terminations, meetings, elections, records, and more.

Over the years, members have asked for CHF BC’s help in interpreting sections of the model rules and occupancy agreement.  And some rules have stood the test of time better than others.  Join us for this interactive session on the model rules.  We’ll share your most frequently asked questions and our best answers.  Bring your own questions too – we’ll save at least half of the session for questions and discussion.

6 to 8 p.m.

See the other webinars in our Fall into Learning series. All webinars are $35/person or $200 for seven people from one co-op.