Green Kickstarter Fund Launch

Community Housing Transformation Centre      22 Apr 2022           Partner/affiliate event

Global warming, extreme weather, loss of biodiversity, depletion of soils and seas; there is no shortage of signs to demonstrate that nature is increasingly in crisis.

At the Community Housing Transformation Centre, we firmly believe that community housing can be a leader in experimenting with new standards, methods, and approaches to reduce pressure on the planet. To that end, we are thrilled to launch the Green Kickstarter Fund as a time-limited funding offer of small grants up to $10,000 per organization ($15,000 if your organization is in the North) that will directly impact the sector’s environmental footprint.

The fund is available for non-profit housing providers and tenant associations to help expand the sector’s commitment to eco-responsibility. It will also contribute to creating more sustainable communities providing a wealth of benefits, including improved health and wellbeing, increased morale, reduced energy costs and cleaner air and water.

Join the Green Kickstarter Fund Launch on Earth Day April 22nd and get an exclusive chance to meet our Program Managers and learn about this grant and … even more funding opportunities!


Hosted by:

Marie Brouillette

Marie Brouillette, Operations director

Hope Jamieson

Hope Jamieson,  Program manager


Email to register.
Deadline to register for the launch webinar is April 21, 2022.