History of Co-operative Practice

Michelle Cooper-Iversen      17 Oct 2022      Zoom      CHF BC event

12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. | Zoom

In recognition of Co-op Week, join us for this informative session on the history of co-operative practice.

This 30 minute session will look take a broader look at the history of co-operatives drawing on our natural tendencies to cooperate formally and informally in different environments and by different equity seeking groups.

CHF BC’s Chief Operating Officer and the Chair of the BC Co-operative Association, Michelle Cooper-Iversen will be our presenter at this event. She has worked in the co-op sector for more 15 years and is dedicated to promoting the co-operative business model. She is also committed in keeping those values front and centre, both in business and as a member of the community.

What is Co-op Week?

Proclaimed across Canada every October since 1982, Co-op Week is a time of celebration and reflection. This year, Co-op Week is running from October 16 – 22nd and the theme is “Co-operation in the World of Tomorrow.” As the Canadian co-operative movement facethe difficulties of a global pandemic and many other hurdles in the last few years, we, as a community, are looking at how we can build a better future through co-operation.

During this week, activities are held by co-ops all across the country to show their co-op pride. Through activities and events throughout the week, we are able to reflect on the contributions the co-operative sector has made to the lives of our co-op members, and everyone impacted by the co-op model.