Interviewing and member selection

Larry Birckhead      17 Jun 2021      webinar      CHF BC event

6 to 8 p.m.

We all know that the best way to attract the best applicants to our co-op is to offer great housing in a thriving co-op community. But how does a membership committee determine that an applicant is likely to become an engaged member?

What interview strategies support an accurate assessment? In addition to meeting basic criteria like financial stability and reference checks, there are other traits to uncover in an interview. This practical workshop will introduce you to “behavioural-based interviewing” for housing co-ops. Using the logic that how we behaved in the past is the best predictor of how we may behave in the future, behavioural-based interviewing is a proven method for discovering applicants that will evolve into great members.  It will challenge your thinking about interviewing while building your confidence in your selection process.

All webinars are $40/person or $200 for six registrations from one co-op.

Non-member rate $55/person.

Facilitator: Larry Birckhead