Living Collaboratively – September 9

Tolu Aladejebi      9 Sep 2021      Zoom      CHF BC event

6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

This workshop provides participants with an engaging and interactive opportunity to investigate and unpack their own personal biases and the ways that these biases can affect the way they view, treat, and live within a co-operative.

We all know that unconscious biases influence all of us; this workshop allows participants to think deeply and analyze ways that biases may have led to the exclusion of others and influenced unfair decisions. Join this important discussion and learn how we can start to dismantle unconscious biases within co-operative housing.

Facilitator: Tolu Aladejebi
Tolu is the founder of Black in Hospitality (BIH). She was born and raised in Scarborough, ON. After moving around a bit, she found herself back in BC currently living in a housing co-op in Vancouver. When asked why she started Black in Hospitality Tolu explained, “I had so many stories of the prejudices I faced because of the colour of my skin. This is what pushed me to start BIH, to help people like me who went and are still going through the same things I went through” BIH is a safe and inclusive space for BIPOC hospitality professionals, students, travellers, and those living in co-ops to share their story. We aim to help hotels, restaurants and co-operatives create and implement anti-racism policies and training initiatives.

All webinars are $40/person or $200 for six registrations from one co-op.

Non-member rates are $80/person or $400 for six registrations from one co-op.