Place Mattering Matters Salon 02: MASS AFFORDABILITY

Place Mattering Matters Collective      8 Feb 2022      Zoom      Partner/affiliate event

As a follow up to the documentary PUSH, you are invited to presentations and discussion on the financialisation of our homes and housing, MASS AFFORDABILITY, and a transforming False Creek South. Bring your questions and curiosity.

Time: 7:00pm

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Patrick Condon is the James Taylor chair in Landscape and Livable Environments at the University of British Columbia’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the founding chair of the UBC urban design program.

Hosted by the Place Mattering Matters Collective (Daniela Elza, Richard Evans, Graham McGarva, Maria Roth).

The Collective gathers together two architects and two artists who seek to open conversation on the qualities of place needed to thrive in our shared urban environment. As it rapidly transforms around us, not only does place matter, but that it matters is essential for the health of the whole community. Contact then at

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