Place Mattering Matters Salon 05: HAPPY DENSITY

Place Mattering Matters Collective      10 May 2022      Zoom      Partner/affiliate event

The Place Mattering Matters Collective  invite you to a discussion on HAPPY DENSITY, what it means to you, what it means for all of us as our neighbourhoods undergo change. What is worth fighting for, what we can live without, and what we should not let go.

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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You will get to hear from:

  • Carole Lewis (Heritage Co-op)
  • Maureen Powers (Creekview Co-op)
  • Jessica Gut (Vancouver Tenants Union, Fairview)
  • with some urban poetry in the mix.

This salon follows a presentation by UBC’s Scot Hein, which is being held the evening before: Density, Design and Happiness. We will be reserving time in the salon to answer questions from Scot’s presentation, and for discussion of this timely issue.Register NowThis salon follows an earlier presentation—Density, Design and Happiness—by UBC’s Scot Hein, on May 9. Scot will discuss building forms and urban design precedents that may be applicable to False Creek South, considering ‘place making savvy’ through a variety of built form options for each scale of density.

These considerations will be helpful when the neighbourhood finally starts talking with the City of Vancouver about its Community Planning.

May 9 event registration.

We will be reserving time in the May 10 salon to answer questions from Scot’s presentation, and for discussion.

Hosted by the Place Mattering Matters Collective (Daniela Elza, Richard Evans, Graham McGarva, Maria Roth).

The Collective gathers together two architects and two artists who seek to open conversation on the qualities of place needed to thrive in our shared urban environment. As it rapidly transforms around us, not only does place matter, but that it matters is essential for the health of the whole community. Contact then at