PUSH Online Community Viewing

Place Mattering Matters Collective      25 Jan 2022      Zoom      Partner/affiliate event

The Place Mattering Matters Collective invite you to an online viewing of PUSH, which will begin ongoing conversations about False Creek South, our homes and community, belonging and place.

Tuesday Jan 25, 2022
7 – 8:30 pm via Zoom
Registration link: https://bit.ly/33wEs8t

PUSH follows Canadian lawyer Leilani Farha as she investigates players and politics central to the global housing crisis, and talks with residents in cities around the world, who are facing many of the same challenges that we do in Vancouver.

“I don’t believe that capitalism itself is hugely problematic,” says Leilani Farha, as she marches along a pavement in Harlem, New York. The UN’s special rapporteur on adequate housing is on her way to visit a sprawling low-income housing project that was recently acquired by a private equity fund, leading to massive rent hikes and probable evictions. “Is unbridled capitalism in an area that is a human right problematic? Yes.” The Guardian 10 Sep 2019

Hosted by the Place Mattering Matters Collective: Daniela Elza, Richard Evans, Graham McGarva, and Maria Roth.  Contact then at info@placematteringmatters.com

A follow up session dedicated to discussion will be held on Tuesday, Feb 8, at 7pm.
Bring your questions and curiosity.

The Place Mattering Matters Collective gathers together two architects and two artists who seek to open conversation on the qualities of place needed to thrive in our shared urban environment.

As it rapidly transforms around us, not only does place matter, but that it matters is essential for the health of the whole community.