REPLAY: A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians

Michelle Cooper-Iversen      24 Feb 2022      Zoom      CHF BC event

6:00 p.m. PDT  Free

Please join for a replay of this powerful panel discussion.

The theme for this panel discussion is A Place to Call Home: Stories of Black Canadians – Their Challenges and Their Lasting Legacy. Our panelists will weave stories from British Columbia to the Prairies and to the east coast in Nova Scotia.

Here’s a sneak peak:

As part of our Black History Awareness program in February, the goal for this panel discussion is to spotlight the long history of Black Canadians, the systemic racism that impacted their ability to create home and the displacement that resulted. We would also like to honor their legacies and the impact that they have had on community.

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This event is being hosted by the team at Housing Central – an alliance between non-profit and co-operative housing with a mission to strengthen and grow the community housing sector in BC, so that everyone has a safe, secure home they can afford.