World CLT Day

Center for Community Land Trust Innovation      28 Oct 2022           Partner/affiliate event

The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation invites you to join in celebration of the community land trust movement through World CLT Day.


This year’s  theme is “community matters” to acknowledge the importance of putting the “C” in CLT, and all the ways that CLTs engage with their local communities.

How to participate:

  • Visit the World CLT Day page and download the event’s poster.
  • With that poster in the background, each participating CLT should take a photograph or video that captures the spirit of their work.
  • On or before October 28th, share your photos or videos’—or even a simple greeting—with the rest of the world by uploading them to Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #worldcltday2022.
    • If you don’t use Facebook or Twitter you can send your text, images and/or videos to and they’ll post it for you!

Everyone who contributes to World CLT Day will receive a complimentary pdf copy of the newest publication from Terra Nostra Press, Community Matters: Conversations with Reflective Practitioners about the Value & Variety of Resident Engagement in Community Land Trusts.

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Click on poster to download a PDF version.