Importance of Indigenous Women and Languages

YWT (Your way, together)      28 Sep 2022      Online      Partner/affiliate event

This webinar will highlight the contribution of women to traditional and modern economies to further our understanding of sustainable economic development.

September 28 2022, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm PDT | Online

The role of Indigenous women and languages in communities, historically and currently, is critical to community health and well-being. From oral history to the documented records of newcomers, key partnerships were established to ensure the longevity of families and Nations. Colonization, including the Indian Act, has significantly impacted Indigenous women’s roles in terms of economic development. However, Indigenous peoples working together are resilient and collaborate in successful economic roles across the country to create prosperous healthy families and communities. Join Trista on September 28, 2022, at 12 pm PT as YWT (Your way, together) welcomes Charlotte Ross back for this discussion on the Importance of Indigenous Women and Languages.

Charlotte RossCharlotte Ross is  a registered band member of Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. She loves working with communities, building capacity, and empowering all people with the true history of our past while working towards a brighter and healthier future. She is a speaker, reader and writer of the Cree language, Woodland TH-dialect, and have taught university courses using materials written in the Plains Cree Y-dialect. She assists her First Nation with developing Cree language materials along with other fluent speakers and am part of a team that developed and continues to update the Circle of Indigenous Languages website. Over the past three years, she has provided support for 27 Mentor Apprentice Teams across Saskatchewan to work on their language proficiency in Cree and Saulteaux.