Fall Education Conference looks at co-ops within larger community

  24 October 2019

The theme of the Education Conference on Saturday, October 19, was No Housing Co-op is an Island. The workshops and plenary highlighted outside influences that can impact co-ops and offered ways for co-ops to make the most of opportunities and deal effectively with challenges.

The Civil Resolutions Tribunal (CRT), newly opened to hearing cases involving members and co-ops, is one outside influence that members had a chance to learn more about in the workshop Disputes under the CRT. As well, in the lunchtime plenary session, Kate Campbell, Acting Vice-Chair for Strata and Co-operatives at the CRT reviewed what this will mean for housing co-ops.

Other workshops included the Kairos Blanket Exercise, walking members through the history of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada, Supporting Safe Communities, looking at resources to deal with challenging scenarios of women experiencing violence, and Cybersecurity, a workshop that looked how to stay safe in the online environment. There was also a broad mix of other workshops including ones focused on skills that support good governance and strong co-op communities, like Advanced Governance, Privacy Primer for Co-ops, and Building a Culture of Accountability.

Members also saw a screening of the new CHF BC education video – and you can watch it now too!

Almost 120 members from across the province, from those attending their first conference to those who’ve attended for many years, spoke enthusiastically about the day.

“Attending the CHF BC conference was (is) the BEST way to spend a Saturday learning more about co-ops.”
“Time always well spent… I always look forward to networking with other co-op members.”
“My first visit to the conference – very educational, nice to network with others.”
“These conferences are so informative and professionally presented. Wonderful as usual. Thank you.”

Members who attended can now find workshop materials online (with the conference password).

If you’re looking for more education, your co-op can always request a portable workshop or come to our AGM in November and choose from a list of workshops for co-op members being offered as part of the Housing Central Conference the same day.