Our telecom services benefit not only co-ops that are CHF BC members, but the members of those co-ops. Thousands of individual members benefit directly!

Members Save! | High Speed Internet
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Members Save!

“I am so grateful that I can enjoy the Telecom Program. This will help me and my daughter so much financially in the long run.”

That’s what Marcily Osadchuk, of Edmonds Place Co-op, had to say about the CHF BC Telecom program.

Our program can help your co-op members put more money back in their pockets with deep discounts on HDTV, Home Phone and High Speed Internet.

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High Speed Internet

Enrolling in the program can save your household an average of $750 a year in telecom costs.

Now with High Speed Internet 150 and 300, you can download your favorite game in seconds, or stream videos on Netflix for hours with no interruptions! Plus, with Internet 150 and 300 you get 1 TB of data, which means you won’t have to worry about going over your monthly limit, or having buffering issues when you video chat with family or friends overseas.

Sign up today and get connected for less! For more details, visit or email