With its partners, CHF BC offers member co-ops recycling, organics disposal and regular waste management services. We review our contracts with our partners every three years to ensure our members have access to the best deals and meet any requirements for obtaining three quotes. We save you work and money.

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Waste Connections

Waste Connections is CHF BC's group-buying partner for waste services in the Lower Mainland. You may also know the company by its previous name, Progressive Waste Solutions.

CHF BC renewed another three-year contract  with Waste Connections of Canada in 2020. The contract promises continued reduced rates and the popular organics recycling program.

Waste Connections continues to promise quality service to all scheduled customers within the agreed time frame, and at competitive prices. Waste Connections also offers recycling pick-up, temporary roll-off bins and extra pick-ups at your request.

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Technology that Works

Waste Connections makes efforts to reduce its own environmental footprint.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles use 30 to 40% less fuel than gasoline trucks and emit lower levels of greenhouse gases than both gasoline and diesel trucks. Waste Connections is investing capital in new trucks to help ensure the health of its fleet. All trucks run on CNG and they will come with state-of-the-art technology like built in navigation and global positioning sensors to track routes and coordinate site service. The fleet is equipped with the latest tablet technology so that drivers can instantaneously capture services issues with written documentation and photos.

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GFL Environmental

GFL Environmental provides waste and recycling services to CHF BC members on Vancouver Island.

GFL Environmental is our CHF BC group-buying partner, offering special member rates to participating Vancouver Island co-ops.

GFL Environmental Inc. is a leading North American provider of diversified environmental solutions. Recognized for their signature fleet of well-maintained, bright green trucks, they offer a robust, consolidated and sophisticated approach to meeting their customers’ environmental service requirements.

Please contact Arnold Sang at CHF BC’s group buying program for more information: or 1-866-879-5111 ext 138.