Join the Journey with ARC: Shaping Future Co-op Communities Together

  28 June 2024

We’re thrilled to share that ARC has kicked off its first session with our new co-op client in Metro Vancouver! The co-op space buzzed with energy and excitement as members united to explore their vision as a community.

The session featured heartfelt talks and creative brainstorming, fueled by teamwork and inspiration.

An ARC session in progress

Join us in Building a Stronger Community with ARC! 

If your co-op is a member of CHF BC and you’d like to unite your community for an exciting journey, we would love to support you!

Let’s work together to shape a future that reflects everyone’s values and dreams.

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Ther ARC team

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About ARC

CHF BC’s Active Resilient Communities (ARC) program helps co-ops consider and plan for current and future challenges and opportunities. Members come together to develop a vision, identify their core values, engage in focused conversations, and build a comprehensive action plan to realize their goals.

ARC is designed to help co-op communities think about their futures — to discuss more than day-to-day challenges. We encourage members to envision the kind of community they want and then discuss how to achieve that. We bring in subject-matter experts so that co-ops can create action plans grounded in reality.

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Engaging the next generation

What Co-op Members Think

“Overall, our experience through the course of ARC brought the voices of our community together and contributed information from experts in the field.”

“I was thrilled with the process. It was thorough, engaging and objective.”

“Thank you for a wonderful session. It gave me personally a lot to think about.”

“Our co-op was on the verge of a big decision: to move forward with redevelopment or renovation. The input we received from invited speakers helped us clarify the consequences to finally vote for renovation.”

“It is always valuable coming together as a community and hearing all member’s priorities.”

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