2021: Our Year in Review

  5 January 2022

CHF BC is pleased to offer the “Year in Review”. Introduced in December 2021, this publication allows us to highlight the full range of accomplishments of the CHF BC group of Social Enterprises.

This unique publication features some of the significant activities, stories, and accomplishments of our team of exceptional directors and staff– and of course, our members who were engaged with their Federation more than ever.

We hope it will give you some perspective of the impact of the housing co-operative sector in BC and its significance importance to our members and to affordable housing in general.

Take a few minutes to see the range of activities the group is involved with, and understand our partnerships and the power of co-operation.

If you’re viewing the flipbook online, remember to make the image full-screen by pressing the icon that looks a bit like a checkerboard (full-screen mode). You can also choose to see only a single page at a time to further enhance the online reading experience (click right-most icon and select “single page”).

Please let us know what you think, and share with your family, friends, and colleagues.