Summer extension of BC’s temporary rental supplement

  19 June 2020

Good news for co-op members who need to access BC’s temporary rental supplement (TRS) this summer: the Government of British Columbia has announced that it’s extending the TRS until the end of August 2020. Co-op members who meet the eligibility requirements can access this support; read more about eligibility on our resource pages here.

If you’ve already been approved for the TRS, you do not need to reapply. You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you plan to live at the same address through July and August. The government is also accepting new applications until August 31 and, if approved, the applicant will be eligible for a supplement for the month it is received and all subsequent months.

The rental supplement is in addition to funding available from the federal government and the $1,000 B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers.

For more information on help for your co-op’s members in financial distress see our COVID-19 resource pages.