Vancouver City Council adopts new Affordable Housing Delivery and Financial Strategy

  25 June 2018

Vancouver City Council took a very significant step on June 20 by adopting a new Affordable Housing Delivery and Financial Strategy – see item #4.  The strategy is very comprehensive and far reaching in its implications for future housing in the City. A key piece of the puzzle is the creation of an Affordable Housing Endowment Fund which will consolidate all of the City’s non-market housing assets in one place, removing them from the Property Endowment Fund and the associated conflicts.

Thom Armstrong, CHF BC’s Executive Director, contributed to the discussion at City Council, where councillor Andrea Reimer gave her thanks to housing co-ops and CHF BC in the creation of the Housing Endowment Fund.

You can watch it here at 06:59:43 : #vanpoli #affordablehousing