Vancouver housing co-op survey

  1 April 2021

CHF BC is inviting housing co-op members in the City of Vancouver to participate in an academic community-based survey investigating the benefits of living in housing co-operatives in Vancouver.

The purpose of this anonymous questionnaire is to identify the perspectives of co-op members about the social benefits and social values they attribute to living in a housing co-op in Vancouver. The goals of the research study are to identify the breadth and range of perceived social benefits and social values experienced by co-op housing members, and to consider co-op members’ recommendations on the planning and expansion of future co-operative housing in the City of Vancouver.

The survey will take 20-30 minutes to complete. It is anonymous and confidential. No identifiers are collected.

The Principal Investigator of the study is Dr. Marc White, Department of Family Practice, University of British Columbia. The study is being conducted in collaboration with Lorraine Copas, the Executive Director for the Social Planning and Research Council for British Columbia (SPARC BC). SPARC BC is an independent, non-partisan, registered charity that works with BC communities in building a just and healthy society for all.  Dr. Marc White, the principal investigator, lives in False Creek Co-operative Housing Association.

Immediately upon completion a final report will be published in the public domain on the SPARC BC website and notifications of the report and download link will be sent to CHF BC for dissemination through the usual communication channels. The report will immediately upon completion also be posted on ResearchGate .

The link below will take you to the survey which includes the consent information which provides further information on this research project.

By completing the survey, you are consenting to participate in this research. If you have questions about any aspect of this study please contact Marc White at or 778 834-4183.

Due to consent issues, the survey is to be completed only by adult members and is directed only to co-op members who live in housing co-ops in the City of Vancouver.

We recommend using a computer rather than a mobile device to complete it.

We encourage housing co-ops to consider circulating this invitation to co-op members and to encourage their participation in this survey.  We also encourage you to complete the survey by April 21, 2021 if possible.