Vibrant AGM at Housing Central Conference

  22 November 2019

CHF BC’s AGM on November 17, saw delegates and other members take part in the Housing Central Conference, the biggest affordable housing conference in the country.

Delegates then came together at our AGM to network, be part of our business meeting and elect directors in an exciting election event.

Seven candidates stood for five openings on the CHF BC board. In the run up to the vote, each candidate spoke to the gathering for one minute and then all seven candidates met with delegates in a speed networking session, where delegates got to ask questions of each candidate face-to-face.The delegates then elected five at-large directors, all for two-year terms on the CHF BC board:

Returning to the CHF BC board after an absence are Yuri Artibise (First Avenue Athletes Village) and Bob Lewis (Marina); re-elected to the board is Sahara Shaik (Wit’s End) and brand new directors are Deanna Overland (Whattlekainum) and Janine Johnston (Fraserview).

Members also approved a resolution asking CHF BC to endorse a declaration of a global climate emergency, and take steps to help members become more environmentally sustainable and resilient.