Your waste and recycling program: did you know?

  19 May 2021

It’s important to review your co-op’s waste collection and recycling contracts. The fine print often includes automatic renewals, stiff penalties for cancellation, right-of-first-refusal clauses, extra costs for lifts, weight charges and untimely rate hikes. Very few municipalities offer pickup service to residents and multi-residential buildings and most municipalities require that you work with a private hauler for waste collection and recycling services.

That’s why CHF BC got involved in the waste and recycling business: to protect co-ops who need to work with private haulers from expensive and lengthy contracts. Now CHF BC’s waste and recycling service is one of our most popular group buying programs. In the Lower Mainland, CHF BC members can access the program with Waste Connections Canada; and on Vancouver Island, our partner is GFL Environmental.

With all our programs, we continue to work towards keeping prices low even in times of economic volatility. CHF BC has shorter contracts with three-year terms so we can continue to negotiate the best prices and customer service for you. Over the years, we have implemented processes to improve customer service such as:

  • Tracking and documenting missed pickups
  • Digital photos of pickups disrupted by blocked bins, blocked entrance ways, damaged pavement etc.
  • Introducing the first organics pickup program in the Lower Mainland

CHF BC continues to improve its processes to minimize customer complaints and disputes.

Just as with all of CHF BC’s Group Buying Programs, we review our contracts with our partners every three years to ensure our members have the best deals and meet three-quote requirements to save you work and money. Our waste collection and recycling program is at least 30% less expensive than the market rate for essential services.

To signup or find out more about the program, contact Arnold Sang at