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Alex Deyneko – Avalon

As father of four young children, Alex is a family man through and through.

He has lived in Avalon Co-op for the past 10 years, and has served two terms as Director, and one as Treasurer of the Board at Avalon. The experience of raising his family in a co-op setting has impressed on Alex the value of these incredible micro-communities in greater Vancouver. As a first generation immigrant, Alex harbors a deep appreciation for the career and social opportunities that Canada provides. The experience of immigration as an adult has also taught him the importance of flexibility, finding creative solutions and adjusting to circumstance. Professionally, Alex has worked as an electronics engineer for a number of high-tech companies over the past twenty years, bringing a skill-set of innovation and critical thinking to the table.

By running for board membership with CHF BC, Alex aims to contribute the vast experience and skill set he has gained through immigration, family life, board leadership and professional work, to organize life at a higher level of co-operation across all of the co-ops in Greater Vancouver.