In 2002, the Vancouver Island Co-op Housing Association (VICHA) merged with CHF BC. The result — one Federation serving housing co-ops across the province — has been a resounding success. Two of the 12 seats on the CHF BC board are reserved for Vancouver Island Directors. The Vancouver Island Council meets three times a year and facilitates communication with and among our Island members.

Vancouver Island Council | Vancouver Island Office | Island Open House | Island Education Day | Island Group-Buying

Serving members
on Vancouver Island
through our
Victoria office.


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Vancouver Island Council

The Vancouver Island Council is made up of delegates to the Federation appointed by Vancouver Island members. The Council meets three times a year and is a formal structure for liaison between the Federation and its members on Vancouver Island.

Two Vancouver Island Directors are elected annually at the Vancouver Island Council meeting. Council meetings are the place where Island Directors report to and receive input from members on Vancouver Island, where members and staff network and where members on Vancouver Island can address concerns to the Federation and influence the formation of policies and other decisions affecting them.

Make sure your co-op has a voice and a vote at Council meetings!

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Vancouver Island Office

In 2017, CHF BC's Vancouver Island office moved to #301 - 821 Burdett Avenue in Victoria. With more than 1,300 sq feet, our new space offers members free street parking and better access to CHF BC staff and services.

The new office includes a meeting room with teleconferencing capacity.

We’ve made it easy for members on the Island to receive a presentation, participate in a meeting or consult with staff in our Vancouver office.

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Island Open House

Every year we host an open house at the Victoria office. Keep an eye on our calendar, and don’t miss this member appreciation event. It's a great opportunity to meet your co-op neighbours, connect with our partners and enjoy catered refreshments. CHF BC values your membership and welcomes this opportunity to thank you for your support.

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Island Education Day

Once a year, CHF BC holds an Island Education Day where Island members can meet with one another, learn from experienced workshop leaders, enjoy lunch and see displays from group-buying partners.

Our Education Events are hosted at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria.


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Island Group-Buying

Some of our group buying program partners service members province-wide. Others focus on Vancouver Island.

To best meet the needs of Vancouver Island members, CHF BC has partnered with Alpine (for waste management) and Jordans (for flooring) as well as other province-wide partners like Trail and Rona. Over the course of a year, members have the chance to meet with our group-buying partners at Island events such as Education Events and open houses.