We offer a wide range of workshop topics to develop your knowledge and skills in critical areas of governance [G], business management [M], community [C] building and planning [P] for the future. Thriving housing co-ops are committed to continuous learning. Book your workshop today!

Member feedback: “Our CHF BC workshop spurred many fresh ideas and options for us to manage our difficulties and go forward (happily).”

Core Portable Workshops | Scheduled Workshops and Webinars | Workshop Materials
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Core Portable Workshops

Held on site at your co-op, making it easier for your members to attend and learn.

Choose from a  short list of our most requested workshops within the core topic areas of ‘governance’, ‘management’, ‘community’ and ‘planning’.

Explore Core Portable Workshops

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Scheduled Workshops and Webinars

Offering best practice insights for targeted co-op members, regular features include ‘Yikes, I’m the Treasurer’, ‘Membership Terminations' and 'Legal Duties of Directors'.

View the annual schedule in advance and book spots to learn alongside members from other housing co-ops. Held at one of our CHF BC locations or online.

View Scheduled Workshops and Webinars

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Workshop Materials

Remember that workshop materials are available for download after you have attended one of our workshops.

You will need a password to access the materials. If you lose your password, please contact

Passwords are valid for at least two months from the time the workshop is held. Don’t forget to connect with the education materials so you can share what you learned!

Find your workshop materials