We offer a wide range of workshop topics to develop your knowledge and skills in critical areas of governance [G], business management [M], community [C] building and planning [P] for the future. Thriving housing co-ops are committed to continuous learning. Book your workshop today!

Member feedback: “Our CHF BC workshop spurred many fresh ideas and options for us to manage our difficulties and go forward (happily).”

Core Portable Workshops

Workshops are offered online and in person.

Choose from a  short list of our most requested workshops within the core topic areas of ‘governance’, ‘management’, ‘community’ and ‘planning’. Please see below for the current rates:

CHF BC Member Rate Non-Member Rate
  • 2.5 hours – In Person
$550 (includes facilitator) $2,200
  • 2.5 hours – Virtual
$615 (includes facilitator, moderator support, and tech support) $2c460
  • 5 hours – Virtual or In Person
$760 $3,040
  • 5 hours (split into 2 workshops) – Virtual or In Person
$810 $3,240

Explore Core Portable Workshops

Scheduled Workshops and Webinars

Our scheduled workshops offer best practice insights for targeted co-op members. Regular features include ‘Yikes, I’m the Treasurer’, ‘Membership Terminations' and 'Legal Duties of Directors'.

You can view the upcoming events page  for the latest listings and book spots in webinars to learn alongside members from other housing co-ops. Please see below for the current rates:

Online Registration

  • Member rates are $40/person or $200 for six registrations from one co-op.
  • Non-member rates are $80/person or $400 for six registrations from one co-op

Upcoming education events