Since 2012, CHF BC has offered 24 scholarships to an impressive group of students. We are proud to support the education dreams and ambitions of our members.

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Scholarship History

We remember how excited we were to launch our CHF BC Scholarship Fund in 2012, based on the successful model pioneered by CHF Toronto.

Since then the Fund has supported the educational goals of co-op members, particularly young members who are actively engaged in making a positive contribution to their communities, awarding a total of 24 scholarships. We are proud to invest in our young members (and others who may be returning to school) and supporting the next generation of co-op leaders.

Learn more about past scholarship recipients.

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Aaron Webster

When we created the CHF BC Scholarship Fund, we decided to name one of the first scholarships after Aaron Webster.

Aaron Webster was the victim of a hate crime. He was killed because he was gay and for no other reason. This tragedy affected many of us deeply, because at the time of his death, Aaron was the president of his housing co-op. Not long after Aaron’s death, CHF BC established the Aaron Webster Memorial Fund in the hope of using it in some way to celebrate our diversity as a co-op housing movement. This is the seed that grew into our Scholarship Fund, and each year we name one of our scholarships the Aaron Webster Memorial Scholarship to acknowledge those roots.

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Scholarship Sponsors

We would like to thank our generous sponsors and donors who contribute to the CHF BC Scholarship Program through the CLT Community Foundation.

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To be eligible for a CHF BC Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Live in a CHF BC member housing co-op
  • Plan to attend, or already attend, a Canadian, publicly-funded, accredited college, university or government-approved apprenticeship program on a full-time basis
  • Be making a positive contribution to their school, co-op, or community
  • Demonstrate financial need

Scholarships are awarded for undergraduate studies only.

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Scholarship Details

Each scholarship is worth up to $5,000 and is awarded in multiple years: $2,000 in the first year of study and then $1,000 a year for up to three more years.

Each year an online fillable application is posted early in the year with a submission deadline in March. The application provides a checklist of documentation you will need to submit with your application. Scholarships are awarded annually in May or June, at our SAGM or at a separate ceremony. Each year we recruit an independent review committee so that the selection of scholarship recipients won’t be made by CHF BC staff or directors.

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You can read about the scholarship winners for 2021 here. Watch for the application for 2022 scholarships by the New Year.

If you have any questions, please contact Fiona Jackson at

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Scholarship Committee

Each year we recruit an independent review committee so that the selection of scholarship recipients won’t be made by CHF BC staff or directors.

We acknowledge the many hours that the Scholarship Committee members put into the selection of each year’s scholarship winners. Sitting on the review committee is a serious commitment, involving many hours of work, and our committee members take it very seriously.

Thank you for your outstanding work over the last few years:  Grant Haddock (Haddock & Company), Lilian Chau (Brightside Community Homes Foundation), and Gabe Dennis (2014 CHF BC Scholarship winner and former CHF BC director).