In an ever-changing sector with continual turnover in housing co-op leadership, you will always need to develop and consolidate knowledge and skills. Our education program strives to provide all your education needs to achieve these goals now and in the future.

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Developing knowledge
and skills in governance,
in management
and community.


Benefits of Education

A thriving housing co-op is four main things: a well governed membership association, a well maintained real-estate asset, a soundly managed viable business and a healthy co-operative community.

Find below a summary of options within education services to support you to achieve these goals. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us: we will be happy to help you to identify the priorities for your housing co-op.


Whatever challenge you are facing, whatever your education needs, we have a workshop for you!

Member feedback: “CHF BC workshops are an invaluable tool for new and seasoned board members alike. There is always more to learn and ways to grow and develop as a leader and as a good co-op member.”

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Consultation Services

Our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants can work with your housing co-op to:

  • Chair a meeting at your co-op
  • Offer board coaching and action planning
  • Help deal with conflicts
  • Work with your full membership to develop a mission and vision for your housing co-op (‘Co-op Compass‘)

Member feedback: “Our meetings used to last for hours but never really got anywhere. With a CHF BC chair-person we get through the entire agenda in reasonable time – her pleasant, calm and objective presence is a huge benefit to us!”

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Education Events

Attend our popular education events to meet other housing co-ops members and learn about best practices and emerging issues.

Get inspired by the success of others, learn from the challenges they face, and share your experiences with the housing co-op community.

Most education events also offer the opportunity to meet our Group Buying partners and others who can offer value to your CHF BC membership.

Member feedback: “It is so good to benefit from the collective knowledge instead of muddling through on our own.”


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The Co-op Compass

Use this service to ground decision-making and give your co-op leadership a clear route-map to reach identified co-op goals.

The Co-op Compass is a facilitated process with a number of options so that it can be adapted to your specific needs. A trained Compass Consultant can work with your co-op membership to create a shared mission and vision based on identified values.

Member feedback: “The Co-op Compass was an eye-opener. It’s amazing how we’re all on the same page now about our future.”


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Fees and Custom Requests

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Members benefit from preferential rates.

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Education Consultants

We are very fortunate to have a diverse team of highly skilled educators and facilitators.

They have in-depth knowledge of the housing co-op movement and are passionate about supporting housing co-ops to thrive.

Member feedback: “The CHF BC facilitator was fantastic; objective, probing, knowledgeable and challenging as well as easy to follow and understand. I never saw one glazed-over eye at all!”

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