Welcome to Co-op Foundations.  This is where we highlight in-depth stories about our members, partners, programs and services.  We hope their accomplishments will inspire, educate and motivate. Foundations brings to life the original spirit of our long-running  member magazine.

The name Foundations play on the dual meaning of a (co-op’s) building foundation and ‘foundational’ stories that help to define our movement.

  14 March 2023   

How Housing Co-ops Create Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Communities

The quote from Margaret Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has” was one of the motivating factors for my husband and I to join Tyee Housing Co-operative. I believe that a housing co-op should reflect the community we want to see which can lead to far reaching impacts in the greater community. Including and valuing the voices that have previously not been heard helps our co-op communities expand and implement the important aspects of growth which is so crucial to our success.

Something that motivates me, both in working in the midwifery model of care but also in accessing the benefits of co-operative housing, is that they both acknowledge not only one aspect of life. They value that everyone has lived experience, and that growth throughout someone’s life builds and becomes a wealth of knowledge.

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  9 March 2023   

How Housing Co-ops Create Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Communities

Housing co-operatives are invested in creating a community with strong relationships between neighbors and in working together to manage our co-op. Our diverse co-op members all have equal decision making power on how our community and homes are governed. For example, I recommended that someone does a land acknowledgement before every general and board meeting. My suggestion was welcomed and now before every meeting we acknowledge the privilege we have to come together on unceded lands.

All of the diverse co-op members’ opinions and principles are equally valued and heard within our community, which makes housing co-operatives distinct compared to public housing. Overall, housing co-operatives are leaders in creating safe communities that honor different cultural backgrounds and practices as well as in fostering harmonious relationships between diverse people.

Numerous tenants volunteered to regularly sanitize our buildings so that we could keep everyone safe. We made a point to actively check in on each other, especially our elder tenants, to ensure that every...

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  1 March 2023   

Harrison Mooney on Growing Up Black in B.C.

The book cover of Invisible Boy: A Memoir of Self Discovery by Harrison MooneyFor author Harrison Mooney, the experience was filled with confusion and disconnectedness. He spent his life feeling simultaneously singled out and invisible in a family and church community that fervently ignored his Blackness and dismissed both his encounters with racism and his efforts to articulate his struggles.

In his powerful memoir, Invisible Boy, Mooney explores the experience of transracial adoption from the perspective of families that are torn apart, and children stripped of their culture, to fill evangelical communities’ demands for babies. It is a deeply personal tale of a Black coming-of-age nar...

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  31 January 2023   

Kids’ Committee Helps Build Community

Moving at a blistering pace, the kids’ social sub-committee has already been created, established voting rules, created a leadership structure, discussed budget concerns, and planned and executed their first event. No surprise that the December “random party” was a wild success, delivering lessons in democratic participation, co-operation, and even the limits of pizza and candy consumption.

Social committee chair Ken Inaba said the new sub-committee started as a bit of a joke as he was chatting with a youngster who had bold ideas about how the Burnaby co-op’s social events should be planned.

“He likes to make different suggestions,” Inaba said with a smile. “We were planning our Halloween events and he’d say, ‘No, you should do it like this – if you had the table set up like this, you could have the candy set up like that.’”

Spotting the budding potential of a future events planner, Inaba seized the opportunity to encourage some pint-sized co-op involvement. He raised the possibility in conversations with fellow board members, ...

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  3 November 2022   

Olympic Village: Sustainability & Resilience, Past & Future

Originally published on October 24, 20922 by BC Housing

The purpose was to learn from some of the major sustainability and resilience strategies and technologies used at Olympic Village, particularly passive cooling and blue & green infrastructure but including other sustainability and resilience strategies past and future, and included 20 people, a combination of BC Housing staff, BC Housing consultants and contractors, and participants from the other organizations that helped to lead and develop the tour.

Hinge Park


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  1 October 2022   

Palestinian finds refuge in Richmond co-op

It was an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of home – and just how fragile that can be.

“I was taken out of Palestine as a refugee when I was three years old,” Ardat recalled. It was 1948 and the British were pulling out of Palestine, leading to the mass exodus of some 700,000 Arab residents and the destruction of more than 400 Palestinian villages.

Aqabat Jabr camp
Aqabat Jabr camp, undated, UNRWA Archive.

Ardat’s family was one of many that had to flee; his grandparents stayed behind, with the British citizenship granted to his grandfather after fighting for Britain in the Second World War. The family joined thousands of Arab Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps, and Ardat called ...

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  24 September 2022   

DeCosmos Village Celebrates 50th Anniversary

DeCosmos Village Housing Co-operative began under the name of the United Cooperative Housing Society. The first incorporators were drawn from the business community, credit union and co-operative managerial staff and the United Church. The incorporators were aware that a co-operative enterprise is both a philosophy and a business. The philosophy, being new to Vancouver, had to be supported with a solid financial and contractual framework that would result in houses.

With these considerations in mind the incorporators worked slowly and carefully. The British Columbia Federation of Labour and the Carpenters and Joiners Local 452 were each approached for funds. They put up $5,000. each to be considered a grant if the project did not reach construction, or a non-interest bearing loan if it did. The United Church provided a $100,000. In interim development financing at 6% interest.

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  2 August 2022   

Honouring our Past, Shaping our Present, Building our Future

Forty years later those ideas are the foundation of an organization that is making a big impact in the co-operative housing movement and the community housing sector, both in BC and across Canada. As the Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia celebrates 40 years of supporting and growing co-op housing, its founders and leaders reflect on transformative milestones – and what’s to come. 

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  27 July 2022   

Celebrating 40 Years of Uniting and Serving our Members

On July 27, 1982, the Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia (CHF BC) was launched. Since then, we have proudly acted as a voice for B.C.’s housing co-ops and championed a meaningful purpose: To promote better housing conditions in British Columbia. We’ve done this through expanding non-profit co-op housing, sharing skills and information, representing co-op housing to governments and the public and promoting the co-op movement and its principles across the province.

This day marks 40 years of uniting and serving our members in a thriving co-operative housing movement. Now representing over 259 housing co-operatives and their almost 15,000 member households, we continue to realize improved well-being and work to foster a supportive environment for co-operative living through our values of belonging, sustainability and growth.

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  1 June 2022   

A Step On Our Journey Towards Reconciliation

When CHF BC’s flagship publication, SCOOP, was first published, the goal was to share news, events and stories that would bring individual co-ops scattered throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island into a province-wide co-op community—stronger, together.

The name was seen as a clever play on words, conveying both the thrill of a journalistic scoop of important information and, with the “s” removed, the word “co-op.” It’s easy to imagine the creators landing on the name with a sense of pride in its feeling of excitement, forward momentum and even humour.

But the name conveys another meaning; one that wasn’t realized until it was pointed out to us here at CHF BC just recently. This story is about how we are acknowledging our oversight, the privilege inherent in that blindness, and the work we are doing to set things right.

“It has been a real opportunity for reflection because SCOOP is old—long before my time… and over the years it became iconic; people would wait for the next issue,” said Thom ...

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