Long-term planning is critical to co-op success. To successfully plan, a co-op needs to understand its property, its finances, its legal obligations, and its members' requirements and goals. We can help.

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Planning Services

Long-term planning is essential for co-ops to succeed. CHF BC offers a variety of services to help members develop and implement plans.

Whether your co-op needs engineering studies, or financial projections and recommendations (for itself or to demonstrate viability to others), we can help. If your co-op anticipates a need to borrow money or undertake a major capital project, we can help with that, too. Our program aims to make it easy for CHF BC member co-ops to access professional planning services and financing. We want to ensure that co-ops remain sustainable, thriving communities.

The video provides an overview of what we do, but our program continues to expand.

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Getting Started

CHF BC encourages co-ops to learn more about our services so they can decide how best to proceed. More than 90 co-ops have already worked with us. Some have already gone on to undertake major projects or use their plans to help in discussions with regulators or in lease negotiations.

Find out more.

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Technical Reports

Good information is the foundation of a useful plan. Co-ops, just like strata corporations and non-profit societies, need to understand the current status of their buildings.

What does your co-op need to look after? What sort of timeframes are involved? What are the likely costs? Technical reports from engineers provide a start on the answers. The most common report is the building condition assessment (BCA) or depreciation report. We partner with engineers to offer these and other services.

Learn more about the technical reporting CHF BC can help you with.

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Asset Management Plans

An engineering report is only the first step. Engineers know buildings, but they aren’t as well informed about co-op finances, governance or relationships with other organizations (which affect land tenure or subsidies, or anything else, really). CHF BC can develop long-term asset management plans (AMP) based on data from engineers, but informed by member opinion and taking into account a co-op's unique circumstances.

Learn how CHF BC can help your co-op develop an Asset Management Plan

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Paying For Work

A plan committed to paper is good, but to be really useful it will need to be implemented.

How will the co-op pay for keeping up its buildings? As part of our services, we’ll make recommendations on saving and borrowing. If analysis shows borrowing is part of the solution, we can help your co-op with financing options. Some co-ops also need to refinance existing debt independently of funding new capital projects. We can help with that, too. Vancity is a program partner, but co-ops retain full independence in deciding who to work with.

Learn more about saving, borrowing, working with lenders, and obtaining approvals – and how CHF BC can help

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Major Project Coordination

At some point, major projects will lie in your co-op’s future and these need special care. CHF BC can offer help with obtaining appraisals, finding a professional project manager, and setting the stage for design and tendering work.

Professional project management is critical for larger projects (and required if a lender is involved). A good project manager can make all the difference, having the knowledge the co-op needs to best deal with the contractors who actually carry out the work.

Learn more about how CHF BC can help coordinate your major project

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Maintenance and Post Planning

CHF BC recognizes the importance of regular and preventative maintenance.

For many co-ops, professional management will support maintenance efforts, and ensure that co-ops meet warranty obligations and follow operational and maintenance recommendations from AMPs (designed to optimize life cycle costs). CHF BC’s membership includes a number of management companies. Co-ops currently without management support might consider the services they offer. Annual planning and good record-keeping are both important for co-op viability.

Learn more about your co-op’s role.

Learn more about general and preventative maintenance, and how management companies can help keep your co-op in good repair.

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Approvals / Role of the Regulator

Co-ops with operating agreements may need to obtain approvals from government bodies.

A co-op with a federal agreement may need approval for very short-term capital plans (from The Agency for Co-operative Housing). Co-ops intending to borrow money will need approval from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and The Agency. This process will involve the co-op obtaining an appraisal from a professional appraiser, and the submission of a package of other documents. CHF BC can help.