At some point on in your plan, your co-op will probably be looking at a major renewal project. This kind of work requires special care, and CHF BC can help guide you through the process.

Coordinating Major Projects

Preparing for a major capital project is an effort in itself. Co-ops need to find a project manager, finalize a scope of work, and carry out a tender process to secure a contractor. If a co-op is borrowing to help fund the work, it may need an appraisal or environmental study.

Finding a Project Manager

CHF BC can assist through its project coordination services. We can help your co-op find a project manager (PM) by developing a request for proposals and guiding the co-op’s initial tendering. Once the PM is in place, we assist with the development of a scope of work that’s consistent with the co-op’s financial position understood through its asset management plan. This can help mitigate problems and surprises.

Co-op Stories

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Pioneer Co-op was ending its Section 95 operating agreement and facing the need for a major renovation of its building envelope. CHF BC worked with the co-op to develop a plan, and assisted in discussions with Vancity which resulted in a new first mortgage to allow the co-op to carry out necessary. Work began in 2015 and now Pioneer has been transformed

Domego Co-op is located in Vancouver and also needed major rehabilitation. The co-op worked with CHF BC, Vancity and its own engineers. Members saw new windows and siding, new landscaping and fencing, and much improved curb appeal. Work was completed in late 2016.