We are the go-to hub for all things related to co-op living. We unite, represent and serve co-ops and their members. Governing and managing co-op homes and communities can be challenging. Whatever our members need, they can count on us to be there for them.

Membership in CHF BC is open and voluntary. Members support their federation through annual membership dues and fees for a wide range of programs and services. We are proudly independent — none of our annual revenue comes from government.

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Co-op housing is a reliable,
proven, affordable
housing solution.


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Our mission is to unite, represent and serve our members in a thriving co-operative housing movement.

Co-operatives are based on the values of mutual self-help, social responsibility, democratic control, equality and solidarity. In the tradition of our founders,  co-op members support ethical values of honesty, openness, and caring for others.

CHF BC also acts as a voice for housing co-operatives in BC. We represent and advocate on behalf of co-op members.

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CHC BC's vision statement is "growing an inclusive community of sustainable and permanently affordable co-operative housing."

We aim to:

  • inspire housing co-ops to be communities that promote and embody equitable access, opportunity, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone
  • model and promote the principles and best practices of social, economic and environmental sustainability in everything we do and encourage our members to do the same.
  • champion the ongoing and significant development of co-op homes to expand our movement and increase the availability of co-operative housing in BC.

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Brief History

Canadians have been building and living in housing co-ops since the 1930s. In 1982, responding to the need for a unified voice for housing co-ops in British Columbia, a handful of housing co-ops with an inspired vision of the future formed the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC.

CHF BC’s purpose was — and still is — to expand non-profit co-op housing, to promote better housing conditions in BC, to share skills and information within the co-op housing sector, to represent co-op housing to governments and the public, and to promote the co-op movement and co-op principles across BC.

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The Year in Review

CHF BC is pleased to offer the "Year in Review". Introduced in December 2021, this publication allows us to highlight the full range of accomplishments of the CHF BC group of Social Enterprises — CHF BC, itself, but also COHO Management Services Society and Community Land Trust.

Take a few minutes to see the range of activities the group is involved with, and understand our partnerships and the power of co-operation.

If you’re viewing the flipbook online, remember to make the image full-screen by pressing the icon that looks a bit like a checkerboard (full-screen mode). You can also choose to see only a single page at a time to further enhance the online reading experience (click right-most icon and select “single page”).

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Vancouver Island

In 2002, the Vancouver Island Co-op Housing Association (VICHA) merged with CHF BC. The result – one Federation serving housing co-ops across the province – has been a resounding success.

Two of the 12 seats on the CHF BC board are reserved for Vancouver Island Directors. The Vancouver Island Council meets three times a year and facilitates communication with and among our Island members.

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Co-op principles

On September 23, 1995, the International Co-operative Alliance, the body representing co-operatives around the world, adopted the following guiding principles for co-ops of all kinds.

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Co-ops are open without exception to anyone who needs their services and freely accepts the obligations of membership.
Co-ops are controlled by their members, who together set policy, make decisions and elect leaders who report to them. In primary co-ops each member has one vote.
All members contribute fairly to their co-ops, which they own in common. Co-ops pay a limited return (if any) on money people have to invest to become members. Surpluses are held for the future and used to improve the co-op’s services.
All agreements co-ops sign with outside organizations or governments should leave the members in control of the co-op.
Co-ops offer training to their members, directors and staff. Co-ops tell the public what they are and what they do.
Co-ops work together through local, national and international structures to serve their members.
Co-ops meet members’ needs in ways that build lasting communities within and beyond each co-op.

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Board Overview

CHF BC’s Board of Directors comprises 12 members, ten of whom are elected by the membership at our AGM. The remaining two directors are Vancouver Island Directors elected annually by delegates to the Vancouver Island Council.

The board is responsible for the overall governance and long-term success of the Federation. It hires an executive director to guide and support staff in the Federation’s day-to-day operations.

Find a list of our current Board members here.

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Staff Overview

Working for CHF BC is a rewarding career choice for people who want to make a difference.

Federation staff are the focal point for the delivery of our services to members. Their diverse range of talents and skills are united around a shared commitment to CHF BC’s mission. They put the co-operative principles into action every day.

Find a list of our current staff here

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Committees Overview

CHF BC offers directors and members a variety of opportunities to become actively engaged in the broader co-op housing movement through the Federation's committee strcuture.

CHF BC committees give members the opportunity to get involved with the Federation, helping to shape CHF BC’s future and to play a role in the ongoing success of the co-op housing movement in BC.

To get involved, please contact members@chf.bc.ca or 1-866-879-5111.

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There are two Education committees: one for Vancouver Island, and one for the rest of the province. These committees provide feedback and guidance to CHF BC’s education program to ensure that it serves the needs of the Federation and its members.
The Finance Committee monitors the Federation’s finances and provides advice to the Board regarding CHF BC’s annual budget, audited financial statements, investments and other financial matters. The Finance Committee consists of the Federation's treasurer, any other directors appointed by the Board, and two persons elected at large by delegates at our annual meeting.
Inspired by CHF Canada’s Aging in Place Committee, CHF BC has created its own committee to focus on how co-ops can adapt to serve the changing needs of aging members. See Seniors Resources for more information.

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Privacy Statement

CHF BC respects the privacy of our members. In order to improve our services, we may need to collect personal information from our members.

Members have the right to refuse to provide information, or to withdraw consent to use data that’s been collected about them. To review how the information we collect is used, managed and stored…

Read our full privacy statement

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Scholarship Details

Young members are the future of the co-op housing movement. We are proud to invest in our young members (and others who may be returning to school) through the CHF BC Scholarship Fund.

CHF BC created the fund in 2012 — the International Year of Co-operatives. Since then, it has supported the educational goals of co-op members, particularly young members who are actively engaged in making a positive contribution to their communities.

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