Our team works with the whole range of housing co-ops in BC: co-ops with federal and provincial operating agreements, co-ops without any agreements at all, small co-ops and large co-ops, co-ops that own their own land and those that lease. We’ve served co-ops throughout the province. Chances are that we can help your co-op, too.

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Check out some of the content on the website. It offers an overview of what we do. You can also see some things co-op members have said about their experiences.

If you have questions at any time, please contact us. Staff are happy to answer questions or make short virtual presentations at your co-ops.


Pioneer Co-op is one of the larger non-profit housing co-ops located in the Victoria area.

Two members of Pioneer Co-op discuss how their co-op used CHF BC’s services to help educate members and move from uncertainty to being prepared for a complete building envelope renewal.

CHF BC commissioned a building condition assessment for the co-op, developed a long-term plan, delivered a workshop to co-op members and helped the co-op provide a lending institution the information it needed to offer Pioneer Co-op a loan on good terms.


Domego Co-op is located not far from Vancouver General Hospital and City Hall. The co-op's buildings suffered from envelope problems and, after obtaining an engineering report, worked with CHF BC on a long-term plan.

After developing an integrated financial and capital plan with CHF BC, Domego was able to obtain financing with Vancity. This was a creative solution: it helped wrap together existing debt and a new loan to pay for the needed repair while minimizing interest rate risks. The co-op was able to see a complete renewal of its envelope and undertook major interior renovations as well.


Cameo Co-op is located on Vancouver Island in View Royal.

Its operating agreement ended in 2015 and the co-op spent a lot of time preparing. The co-op engaged members on issues around continuing support for low-income households (even after government subsidy ceased) and how to approach the future. Preparing a long-term plan, based on a building condition assessment commissioned by Cameo was an important part of the process.


One of the largest and oldest co-ops on Vancouver Island is Marigold Co-op, a co-op originally created under a Section 61 operating agreement.

Even before the operating agreement was scheduled to end, the co-op found itself needing to undertake a major roofing project. The co-op, armed with a CHF BC asset management plan, obtained financing (second mortgage) from Vancity Credit Union and approval from CMHC.

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