CHF BC works with several flooring providers, offering service across the Lower Mainland (K&A Flooring, and CD Contracting) and Vancouver Island (Jordans).

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CD Contract Division | K&A Flooring

CD Contract Division and K&A Flooring both offer preferential prices to CHF BC members in the Lower Mainland for all of their flooring needs, whether for one unit or the whole co-op.

Our flooring program offers a wide range of residential and commercial carpet, vinyl plank, sheet vinyl, tiles and laminate flooring. All products are chosen for their quality and affordability and carry a minimum 10-year warranty. Whatever your budget, you can be confident that CD Contract Division or K&A Flooring will provide you with the best value for your money.

Contact us to find out more, get an estimate or place an order.

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On Vancouver Island, our members can get flooring products and installations from Jordans.

Jordans works with its suppliers to provide high-quality carpet, vinyl plank and laminate products at discounted prices for CHF BC member Island co-ops.

Jordans has been in the flooring business for over 80 years, and on the Island for 35 years. It has a long history of working with the housing sector (with BC Housing for 15 years) and offers a two-year installation warranty — double the industry standard!

If you are a Vancouver Island housing co-op, contact Jason Bush, at

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Vinyl Plank

There are many choices for flooring, but vinyl plank is especially popular with co-ops.

Vinyl plank can resemble the texture and feel of stone, wood, and even clay tiles and with today’s manufacturing technology it can look like real hardwood floors, but feels soft. Cleaning vinyl plank floors is as simple as a slight wipe down with a mop. It’s easy to maintain as you can either sweep or vacuum your floors.

Vinyl planks are produced in a way that makes them water, stain, scratch and scuff resistant, which makes for a very durable floor that takes a lot of time to wear out. If a plank does get damaged, you can easily change it with a new piece. Co-ops love vinyl plank for the simple reason that it’s the most durable flooring product on the market.