Our team has a thorough knowledge of co-op best practices based on professional training and many years of experience working with housing co-ops. From chairing your co-op meetings to board coaching, advice on how to deal with conflict and trouble-shooting, our team of consultants is ready to support your housing co-op.

Member feedback: “The Consultant was knowledgeable, engaged, passionate about the movement and full of practical advice on a huge range of co-op matters”.

Consulting Services

Find out more about the types of Consulting Services we offer below, or if there is something you’re looking for not listed, get in touch and we will do our best to meet your need

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Effective meetings are the cornerstone of a healthy housing co-op. Many see the value in having an experienced, neutral chairperson for their important meetings. Get meeting business completed efficiently, effectively fairly and legally with our professional chairing services.
A skilled facilitator can help your co-op work through complex or contentious issues using community dialogue and mediation tools. We do not provide mediators for disputes that are not the responsibility of the board, but we can direct you to find the appropriate service.
One of our consultants can help your board develop an annual or five-year plan, prepare an annual budget, revise co-op policies or make board or committee meetings more effective and productive.
You know you need help, but you're not sure exactly what you need? Have one of our experienced consultants help get to the bottom of the challenges at hand and identify the critical issues to address.

The Co-op Compass

Use this service to ground decision-making and give your co-op leadership a clear route-map to reach identified co-op goals.

The Co-op Compass is a facilitated process with a number of options so that it can be adapted to your specific needs. A trained Compass Consultant can work with your co-op membership to create a shared mission and vision based on identified values.

Member feedback: “The Co-op Compass was an eye-opener. It’s amazing how we’re all on the same page now about our future.”


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Requests and Fees

Before coming to work with you, our consultant will be in touch to make sure we understand your requirements.

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